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Kyoto Sights – Experience with the Golden Pavilion Temple

While planning for our trip to Kyoto, there were a lot of headaches as to which temples/shrines do we visit since a lot of them are quite popular and also beautiful in their own way. So Kinkaku-ji (金閣寺) made it into our itinerary ‘cos who doesn’t want to see a lovely looking Golden Pavilion especially when it was near to the time that the sun is almost setting. 

We were supposed to be at Kinkaku-ji around 1.30 PM but due to the overall delay especially from the long wait for lunch at Unagi-ya Hirokawa, we only managed to reach here at around 4.45 PM which is so close to the closing hour of 5 PM! That being said, there was still quite a crowd when we entered but due to the time constraint, we couldn’t really explore the temple area itself before we had to leave. 🙁

Map of The Golden Pavilion

Five Commandments at the entrance of The Golden Pavilion

Entrance fee to the temple is 400 Yen and we got this lovely looking entrance ticket. It looks just like an amulet so we kept it with great care. 🙂

Entrance ticket for The Golden Pavilion

Few steps into the temple and then we saw the lovely Golden Pavilion with the sun shining on it, giving it such a lovely sheen.

View of The Golden Pavilion

It was said that your wish will come true if you throw your coin into the bowl in the middle. A lot of people were trying their best to get their coin into the bowl in the middle so we decided to join in as well. As you can see, a lot of coins were surrounding the bowl ‘cos it was that tough. But am sure everyone has been blessed in one way or another! 🙂

Stone wishing well at The Golden Pavilion

One of my favourite photos from this series ‘cos it was taken at such a right moment when Feng was looking for me and I was trying to capture the whole scene. 🙂 This was the way out for everyone who visits the temple and since it was already past 5 PM, a lot of the food stalls that lined the exit has already closed for business. You could however still grab some souvenirs from the souvenir shop of the temple.

As mentioned, there are many many temples and shrines in Kyoto but this was the first time we actually saw a golden pavilion that’s why I think a visit to Kinkaku-ji is a MUST. 🙂