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Kyoto Sights and Eats – Nishiki Market, A Food Haven

A first stop in Kyoto was a visit to the Nishiki Market (錦市場). 

We took the train from Kyoto Station to Shijo Station and then it was a short walk from the station to the market. Just follow the crowd and you will get there. 🙂

Basically when you’re there, it will just be about eating, eating and more eating while you enjoy the market activities there. We had wanted to try the Gogyo Ramen which is known for its burnt ramen but in the end we didn’t manage to go there ‘cos we had too much at the market. Hehe.

Entrance of Nishiki Market

Some yummy rice crackers. The first stall that grabbed our attention once we enter. 🙂

Rice cracker stall at Nishiki Market

Enjoying some lovely soya ice-cream in the cooling weather. It was actually really yummy!

Yummy soya ice cream at Nishiki Market

Dog's cookies for sale at Nishiki Market

Got to have them all! Unfortunately, we can’t else we will be broke. Hahaha! We had the Otoro Sashimi as well as the Grilled Pike Conger. Both were like… Heavenly food. *drools looking at the photos*

Grilled Unagi, Pike Conger and more at Nishiki Market

Wide array of sashimi at Nishiki Market

Wide array of fresh seafood at Nishiki Market

The delicious Grilled Pike Conger at Nishiki Market

And then it was some fish cake and egg roll. The egg roll was not too bad but I was in love with the simple yet delicious fish cake. 😀

Fish cake stall at Nishiki Market

Egg rolls for sale at Nishiki Market

A lot of stalls selling lovely strawberries so we bought one box from this lovely old lady. 🙂

Delicious looking strawberries at Nishiki Market

Fresh grapefruit juice stall at Nishiki Market

Cute donuts for sale

Bought one of these Cherry Blossom Petals. We tried it out at home according to the instructions by making it into a tea or mix with rice but… The taste ain’t to our liking. Haha! Novelty item~

Cherry Blossom Petals

Japanese snacks

Japanese snacks

Nishiki Market is definitely a place not to be missed. There was quite a crowd there but it wasn’t too tough to walk around and since the weather was cooling, we didn’t felt too hot while in there. So do go there will a slightly empty stomach so that you can just keep eating all the food that you can see there. Bring enough money! 😀