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Kyoto Eats – A Michelin Restaurant Experience with Unagi-ya Hirokawa

Researching things to eat at Arashiyama (嵐山) brought us to yet another Michelin Star restaurant. Unagi-ya Hirokawa (うなぎ屋廣川), a place that specialises in cooking grilled eel served to you in the highest quality. Just a short walk away from Tenryu-ji Temple (天龍寺), we made our way there after exploring around the shrines and temples of Arashiyama.

The opening hours of Unagi-ya Hirokawa is from 11.30 AM – 2.30 PM for the lunchtime slot and we had planned to reach by 11 AM so that we can beat the queue. I guessed we walked around too much enjoying the flowery haven at Tenryu-ji so by the time we got to the restaurant, it was already nearly 12PM. AND THE QUEUE WAS HORRENDOUS. I mean the queue didn’t look too intimidating, giving you hope that it will actually move faster than expected. But sadly no. When we were there, one of the service staff told us that we will have to wait around 1.5 – 2 hours. I guess many of us had a look of shock on our face when we were being told this ‘cos some ended up giving up on queuing since it was way too long. But we persisted and luckily, it paid off. 🙂

Entrance of Unagi-ya Hirokawa, Kyoto

The queuing and long wait begins………. Luckily the weather was cooling so it wasn’t too bad. I can’t imagine queuing during the hot hot weather. Phew.

Kyoto Eats - Unagi-ya Hirokawa

Queue at Unagi-ya Hirokawa

The queuing continues inside the restaurant but the end is near once you’re inside the place. You know you’re getting to taste that unagi soon……… By the time we came in to continue waiting, it was already around 1.5 hours. And the wait continues…

Inner Waiting Area at Unagi-ya Hirokawa

And finally, we were being ushered to our seats! Since the price of the food here is slightly on the high side, Feng had ordered just the Una Jyu (medium grilled eel with rice) while I ordered the A course that comes with some side dishes so that we can share. You can refer to the menu here for the items as well as the price of each item. 🙂

Cutleries at Unagi-ya Hirokawa

And the wait continues for our food to be served.

It was about another 30 minutes before we were finally served! It was such torture seeing everyone else (who of ‘cos came in earlier) being served their yummy food and you just can’t wait to have yours. *droolz* And here is the heavenly grilled eel with rice. 😀

Delicious-looking Unagi Don at Unagi-ya Hirokawa

The wait was all worth it. The grilled eel was absolutely delicious and it tasted so creamy and just felt like it literally melts in your mouth. I am very sure it was not the long wait and the hungry tummy that made us felt that way so you are guaranteed a good meal over here at Unagi-ya Hirokawa, that is provided you survive the long wait OR you could probably come very early to queue to get in during the first batch. 🙂

Address & Opening Hours

616-8374 京都市右京区
嵯峨天龍寺北造路町44-1 (天龍寺斜め向かい)

Lunch Hour: 11:30AM – 02:30PM

Dinner Hour: 05:00PM – 08:00PM