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Japan Adventure – Luggage Storage, Locker Storage and Takkyubin / Yamato Transport

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Luggage / Baggage Storage

For our trip this time, since our accommodation in Japan are all with Airbnb, we will not be able to deposit our luggage for storage like what we always do at hotels before our check-in time. Hence we had to researched a lot on how we can make our life easier once we reached Japan. One of the  many good things that travelers can make use of is luggage storage at the major train station such as Tokyo and Kyoto Station. Such major stations usually have more than one luggage storage areas managed by different vendors where you can deposit your luggage there for a fee and do remember to collect them before their closing hours. 🙂

Here are two branches of the baggage storage that we have found located at the Tokyo Station:

Tokyo Station – JR East (600 yen)
(Marunochi North Exit)

Tokyo Station – Sagawa (800 yen)
(Nihonbashi-guchi Exit)

Upon reaching Tokyo Station by the Keisei Bus, we searched for the baggage deposit service room so that we can store our luggage there and roam around Tokyo Station a bit for some lunch before our check-in to our Airbnb. Similarly at Kyoto Station, we left our luggage there after our check-out from Airbnb before taking a bus to the KIX Airport for our flight to Taipei. Everything was simple and fast.

Here is a website for your reference for baggage service at Tokyo Station:
Tokyo Station Service Center


Locker Storage

So part two of our adventure started on the day we reached Kyoto. With our hand baggage in hand (since our luggage were being deposited for delivery one day before our arrival in Kyoto with Takkyubin), we tried to find a locker to lock our stuffs away so that we can visit Nishiki Market before our check-in to our apartment. You will think that with the hundreds or maybe even thousands of lockers at Kyoto Station we will be able to at least find one locker easily. Unfortunately it seems like during this peak season, the whole world uses the lockers here for their stuffs as well. We walked… And walked… And walked… And walked… Before we FINALLY found one by luck of the correct size and stuff everything into the locker space. Just have to remember where is the location of the locker else you will take forever to find it back. Hahaha!

Here is a website for your reference on baggage service and lockers at Kyoto Station:
Kyoto Station Baggage Service and Lockers

*pardon the photos as these are all taken using my phone camera*

So remember, if you are visiting Kyoto during the peak season and have to use the locker, please be there like super early to find a locker else you might just be walking forever at the station just to find that ONE locker. 🙂


Takkyubin / Yamato Transport

Since we had two nights in Tokyo before we had to travel to Kyoto for part two of our adventure in Japan. Few years back when we were in Tokyo, we were amazed with all the reviews on how luggage delivery with Takkyubin/Yamato Transport was so convenient since carrying luggage around in Japan was so not convenient with all the stairs at the train stations as well as the crowded trains. But we failed miserably during our last trip there. So miserable that I will always remember that funny experience. 😆

Since Japanese’s standard of English ain’t too strong, we had a really tough time communicating with the staff at Takkyubin back then to ask about delivering our luggage from Shinjuku to the airport. It was funny ‘cos eventually all the staff from that branch came out to help and there was drawings on paper with numbers and what-nots. They really wanted to help us so much but at the same time they were so stressed up not being able to understand us. I really thank all the staff for being so helpful back then. So yes, we didn’t manage to deliver our luggage back then due to a huge language barrier.

This time we were back stronger with lots and lots of research on this! We had to ‘cos this has to work in order for us to have a fuss-free way of travelling to Kyoto since we are staying in an Airbnb and we cannot leave our luggage any where before our check-in time. There is a Takkyubin branch at Tokyo Station where we can arrange our luggage delivery and the staff can speak English so we were pretty much in safe hands. However upon Googling online, we found out that there is actually a Takkyubin branch near our apartment! By means of near, I meant it was just opposite us! So we decided to try our luck there since we didn’t want to drag our luggage all the way to Tokyo Station. So Feng went in to ask if the staff understands a bit of English and YAY, she did! So many YAY to this! And also prior to this, we have also found out the nearest Takkyubin branch to our apartment in Kyoto so that we do not need to drag our luggage all the way from Kyoto Station (which is sooooooooooo far). So with this information on hand, we passed it to the staff to make the arrangements for us. We were having this great sense of achievement when our luggage were finally in their safe hands. 😀

When in Kyoto and with the collection slip in hand, we walked over to the Takkyubin branch that we have specified on the slip to collect our luggage. We were praying hard that we didn’t give the wrong address though. So it was a relief when we saw our luggage sitting in there and collection was really fast and simple~ Just pass them the slip and they will pass you the luggage. And yay, we are good to go! 😀

Yamato Transport - Luggage Delivery

Yamato Transport - Luggage Delivery

Achievement unlocked!! Can’t help feeling proud of ourselves with the ability to arrange this. 🙂

As with many reviews out there, Takkyubin/Yamato Transport is definitely very convenient for travelers especially when you don’t want to bring on board trains those huge luggage that might be blocking the way of the locals when there are no luggage storage area for you on board. You probably have to do a lot of research on where you can arrange for the delivery as well as the nearest Takkyubin branch for your collection or for some, the airport for your departure out of Japan. Not forgetting you also have to take note of when you have to bring the luggage to them for delivery since not everything can be delivered on the same day so if you do it wrongly, you might not have clothes to wear for some days. They do have a few tourist-friendly branches for you to make the arrangement with ease such as Tokyo Station so do make full use of such information for your planning purpose! 🙂

With all these information on storage and delivery in hand, I hope that you will be able to make your travelling in Japan a fuss-free trip as well! 😉

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